Monday, November 8, 2010

Mission Organization: The "Bedroom Office"

Well, I could deny it all I want, but it's true: Organization really is the key to my calmness.  Now, don't get me wrong, I have learned over the years to adapt and to not let my britches get rattled when everything isn't in its place.  Okay, okay ... so I still have a little long way to go, but really -- when the apartment is in order, my life is in order.  Weird?  Probably (atleast I can admit it, right?).

Annnnnnywho, with a recent move that involved hauling most of our loot from storage, I needed to make some serious organization interventions.  Meet the "bedroom office" (post-move):

Pre-organization.  Trust me -- all kinds of stuff is scattered in the bins and drawers.
Devil boxes.
Understandably, you might be wondering:  The "bedroom office?"  Let me explain: out here on the East Coast, living space is quite limited, unless you have lots and lots of moolah.  :-)  Therefore, we must combine -- or, consolidate -- if you will.  You know ... two rooms must sometimes become one.

Since the move, this little corner has needed some serious work.  So, during my first break from exams, I immediately jumped on it. 

As I scrambled to empty the boxes -- some from storage, some from the previous apartment -- I came across a few interesting finds, like these ...

Holiday hand warmers!  During those long winter months, these will be quite "handy."  Hehe.

Bouncy ball with happy tooth.  Hmmmmmm ... not sure where I picked up this.

A men's Coach wallet?!?!?!  Hubby had no problem recalling when he got this little beauty, which was in storage.  I guess he's saving it?  

And, finally, the most ridiculously splendid treasure I completely forgot I had ... a FREE 60-MINUTE FACIAL from the NYC Aveda Institute!  You bet your bottom dollar I'll be using this after my final exams.  Indeed.

After my discoveries ended and I proceeded to trip (and play hopscotch) over all the goodies laid across the floor, I finally got to organizing.  I used three cheap fabric bins, filled them, and labeled them.  Then, I organized the drawers.

For the final step, I whipped out the Pledge, Windex and all other relevant cleaning supplies, and soon enough, I could see the sparkle.  I felt completely rejuvenated and ready to study.  Yes, study.

Ahhhhhh ... organization. 

Now, on to my next project (when I get another break).  Darn it.  I guess I'm not gonna be completely calm until the end of the semester. :-)

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  1. This is SO reminds me of your dorm room - or at least YOUR side of the room ;)