Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tootsie Roll Thursday: Back Hair, Overbite And A Snuggie

In case you haven't heard, this little big part of my life called dental school tends to cramp my style from time to time, and the bloggie world, unfortunately, gets put on the back burner.

(Disclaimer: Despite these current harsh feelings {also due to the fact that we still had school today even with a massive snowfall -- AGAIN -- last night}, I am still very thankful my school accepted me into their program :-)

Anywho, so, I'm a couple days late with this post (as it is usually Tootsie Roll Tuesday), but I figured Thursday begins with a "T" too.  What the heck ... I'll go with it.

Well, surely you guys know by now how much we adore our little puppy-child.  I mean, don't we all love our doggies??

We love Tootsie for lots of reasons, but she has two qualities that make her especially charming.

First, let me introduce you to the Tootsie Roll back hair fiesta:

So hilarious.  Before you think I'm weird, let me explain: Like most dogs, Tootsie loves a good belly rub.  When she's standing on all fours during said belly rub, a line of hair on her back stands right up.  Puppy goosebumps, if you will.  It's so darn cute.

Do you know what else is so darn cute?  Her OVERBITE.

As a dentist-to-be, I especially love this one.  Hehehe!!! 

I mean, who ever thought a dog could have an overbite?  You can't notice it just by looking at her straight on, but a good crank of the neck and ... BOOM, there it is -- those pearly whites sticking out where they shouldn't be.  We actually didn't even notice it until the vet pointed it out to us.  Now, we just can't get enough it.  Hmmm ... I just hope it doesn't cause dental problems in the future.  :-/ 

Annnnnnyway, did I mention Tootsie was famous?  Well, take a look for yourselves ... ;-)

I may be biased, but I think little Toots is much cuter.  Here she is sporting her Snuggie: 

Can you tell she's thrilled?
Because of her short coat of fur, the poor girl tends to get pretty chilly these days -- and the Snuggie is just the solution.  Yeah ... right.  About 15 seconds after I put it on her, she immediately proceeded tell me how she felt about it.

Then, she ripped it off.  Maybe better luck next time?

Oh Toots ... how we just love your little back hair, overbite and Snuggie self.  :-)

Happy almost Friday everyone!


  1. Oh I am loving the little overbite :) SO cute!

    My little Daisy got a Snuggie for Christmas last year...she wasn't too sure about it!

  2. This is so entertaining for us. Your parents love it! Mom and Dad

  3. The snuggie is adorable! I wanted to get one for Homie, but Marco said absolutely not. We settled on what Marco called a "more manly fleece." I already see the lawyer in him coming out, negotiating all the time...HA!
    Good luck with dental school. Marco's dad and 2 sisters are dentists so we talk about teeth and torts all the time. :) You will do great!

  4. I should start a blog about Harper....loud and stinky! Hope you survive yet anoher storm coming your way. Love ya little sis!